The Route

Racing this year? Great – take a look at the the location, route details and race information below. 

Where: 4060 S. Shore Drive Rhinelander, WI 54501

When: On Saturday, August 24th, 2024 @ 8 AM CT 

To start the race, competitors will: 

  • Beginning waist-deep in the water of Lake Thompson swimmers will complete a 300 yard swim (or 1/2 mile kayak)
  • Once the swim is complete, racers will transition in the tennis court / golf green areas adjacent to the Holiday Acres main resturant and lodge to start the 10K off-road bike segment.
  • Finally, racers will transition to a beautiful, hilly and two-track 5K run to complete the W.I.L.D. Hodag Mini-Triathlon.


Map Details

  • The swim is marked on the map as the triangular route in the waters of Lake Thompson, with the longest leg parallel to the shore to avoid the morning sun in the East.
  • In place of the swim, a substitute 1/2 mile kayak option is available. 
  • Participants will then jog from the beach to the transition area, and walk their bikes outside of the transition area and mount to ride the 10K bike marked by the long purple stretch.
  • Upon completing the bike portion, (dismounting outside of the transition area), they will return the bikes to their start point on the grass and begin the 5K run, marked by the green stretch.
  • The race will finish across the finish line down the entrance to Holiday Acres with all participants being sure to CROSS THE FINISH LINE, which is next to the timing booth. Be sure your time is recorded and your timing chip is taken off and returned after crossing!