Over the years we have been asked several things, so we thought we’d list the most frequently asked questions here to help!

Q-Does the race number get attached to the shirt after the swim and before the bike ride?

A- Generally, most people attach their bib to their shirt prior to the race and leave it in the transition area. Then they do the swim portion of the race and then get their shirt on at the transition area immediately afterward.

Q-Does each event have the time electronically timed with the ankle bracelet you provide? Does the time in the bike parking area between events count with the times.

A- The ankle strap is used for the swim portion of the event. The timer typically collects the ankle strap when crossing from the swim to the beginning of the transition zone at the tennis court. The bib (worn on the shirt) contains the timing chip for the bike and run portions of the event.

Q-When do we pick up race packets?

A-Race packet pick up will begin at 6:45 race day morning. Please bring a photo ID with you

Q-I have a rented kayak. Where and when can that be dropped off?

A- If you plan ahead, arriving with extra time to get settled and place your kayak in the appropriate area, you can do it the morning of the race. Otherwise, you will need to contact our host, Holiday Acres, to to set up an earlier drop off time.

Looking for a place to rent a Kayak in the Rhinelander area? Check out Mel’s Trading Post

Q-Do I need to wear a life jacket if I am kayaking?

A- Yes! You will need to wear a life jacket in order to compete in the kayak portion of the race.

Q-Does the kayak start at the same time as the run?

A- Our Waves go out in the following order: Swim, Kayak, Bike, Run

Q-Are you allowed to have AirPods in for the race?

A- Our trails are a mixture of on-road and off-road, so it is STRONGLY recommended to NOT have any earbuds in while racing, as you need to be alert to your surroundings.

Q-When you say “off-road” biking, are you talking about single-track mountain biking or gravel biking?

A- The majority of the off-road biking is two/double track, with a minimal amount of single track off-road portions, with some rocks in one small area that can be wet.

Q- Are these mountain bike trails?

A- No, they are mainly flat two/double track trail with a smaller portion of single track, and about one-third of the race is on blacktop.

Q- What type of bike is recommended for the triathlon?

A- A Mountain bike is recommended. For the fastest ride, a road bike can be used, but road bike tires are thin, and you will risk blowing a tire on the off-road portion.

Q-When you say, “double-track” run, are you talking about hiking trails or single track “gnarly” running?

A- The running portion of the race is both on and off road with approximately 1/3 of the run on a hiking trail.

 Q-Are there porta potties along the route?

A- Porta Poties are located at the Registration/Finish Line

Q-Are the routes clearly marked? 

A-Yes! We have received several complements about how well our trails are marked.

Q-Do we need 3 people to do the Relay, or can 2 people do it?

A- Over the years we have had lots of 2 person teams, with one person participating in 2 legs of the race.

Q-How old do you need to be to participate in the race?

A- We have had participants as young as 10 participate, however those under 13 need to be approved by our staff. We will need to have a conversation with their guardian about their biking, running, and swimming abilities in order to approve them for the race.

We hope this helps answer some of your questions. Be sure to reach out to marketing@wildleadership.org if you have any other questions.

We look forward to seeing you on race day!